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Lao Aviation

Received From: Anna Lincoln
Print or Image Color: Blue and Maroon
Background / Bag Color: Green
A very beautiful bag. In Anna's words, "The Lao one is gorgeous with the handmade paper." I don't know why the bag has an address and phone number, but it does.

Lao Aviation

Received From: Ralph Riffenburgh
Print or Image Color: Blue, Red
Background / Bag Color: Brown
This bag features the striped, flying donut on a lucnh bag.

Lao Aviation

Received From: Mari van Rijbroek
Print or Image Color: Blue and Orange
Background / Bag Color: White
Very similar to the colors of the '69 Mets. Added bonus: A logo that looks like a cross between a slug and a planaria.

Lao Aviation

Received From: Bruce Kelly
Print or Image Color: Purple and Red
Background / Bag Color: White
Ah yes, the flying donut mark of excellence in aviation! Note that they found it necessary to make 'International' a parenthetical. I wonder if anyone has called this airline 'Laousy Aviation'.

Lao Aviation

Approximate Vintage: 2003
Received From: Jürgen Bast
Print or Image Color: Blue and Red
Background / Bag Color: Blue and White
A bag that Khan from King of the Hill could love. Still sporting the planaria on top of Lucent logo. As a side note, there's a small possiblity I'll bicycle around Laos in late 2004.

Laoag International Airlines

Received From: Matthias Koch
Print or Image Color: Blue and Red
Background / Bag Color: White
Although it looks like I scanned this bag in upside down, I have oriented it so that the opening is at the top. This is pretty risky for anyone who actually has to use the bag, since they might easily turn it upside down.

Laoag International Airlines

Received From: Sebastian Weikert
Print or Image Color: Black, Blue and Red
Background / Bag Color: White
Well, it's identical to the China Southern 1999 bag, but this has a cheesy Laoag stamp to indicate rightful ownership of said bag. That must have been a fun job -- sitting around with a rubber stamp, stamping the words "Laoag International Airlines" on thousands of barf bags.

LAPA (Linea Privada Argentina)

Approximate Vintage: 1999
Received From: Sam Petuchowski
Print or Image Color: Blue
Background / Bag Color: White
At first glance, you could make the case that this bag is used by the LAPD. Just look at the Interstate Highway font. But next, you notice the phrase, "Solo Para Uso Abordo" which means, only use this bag for abortions. No wonder it's plastic.

Donor, Sam Petuchowski says LAPA is "an informal Argentine airline flying form Buenos Aires to Iguasu."

Lara Europe Analyses

Approximate Vintage: 2005
Received From: Christian Annyas
Print or Image Color: Red
Background / Bag Color: Red and White
This bag seems to be a container used for transporting soil samples, which are subsequently analyzed at the Lara Europe Analyses laboratory in Toulouse, France. I will do my best to make sure this bag never gets anywhere near the sterile bags, Convenience Bag or Sick Jon, lest they somehow unify and decide to go around the galaxy sterilizing imperfections.

Perhaps the sequel bag to Europe Sols. The back of the bag looks like a standardized test of some sort.


Approximate Vintage: 1998
Received From: Pam Kovacek
How can you not love a bag with a gripper zipper?


Approximate Vintage: 2018
Received From: David Shomper
Print or Image Color: White
Background / Bag Color: Gray
Although donor David Shomper says this is from LATAM, it appears to be some kind of generic.

Lauda Air

Received From: Ken Costilow
"Service is our Success" claims the bag. Has to have one of the most moronic logos I've ever seen. Notice that the bag is Kard-O-Seal, not the traditional Kard-O-Pak.

Lauda Air

Approximate Vintage: 2002
Received From: Markus Maurutschek
Print or Image Color: Red
Background / Bag Color: Gray and White
"Service is our Success". How lame. Logo is still moronic. Nice web site on the bottom of the bag though. Maybe ELAG should consider doing the same.

Lauda Air

Approximate Vintage: 2001
Received From: Wolfgang Lüthje
Print or Image Color: White, Red
Background / Bag Color: White, Navy, Red
This bag is a lot like the 2002 Lauda Air bag except it was made in Germany and says Der Kard-o-Seal Beutel on the bottom.


Approximate Vintage: 2019
Received From: Wolfgang Lüthje
Print or Image Color: Gray
Background / Bag Color: White
It looks like Niki Lauda has been reinvented and is now called Laudamotion. I'm not exactly sure what the words mean, but the bag says,

Mir ist nicht übel, mir ist nicht übel, mir ist ... übel


I'm pretty sure this isn't about the Russian space station Mir.

LC Busre

Received From: Bob Grove
Print or Image Color: Navy, Red
Background / Bag Color: White
Great clean bag from a small Peruvian carrier with a fleet size of 6.


Approximate Vintage: 2001
Received From: Stuart Hickson
Print or Image Color: Red, Blue, Aqua, Navy
Background / Bag Color: White
How much leisure can you be experiencing if you're using this bag? Maybe the broad paint strokes will soothe you.


Received From: Janusz Tichoniuk
Print or Image Color: Green
Background / Bag Color: White
This English Medical Bag says:
Where Aid Comes First
  1. Open bag by tearing along the dotted line
  2. Expand bag to full size
  3. Place in position around nose and mouth
  4. After use seal bag with the tie provided. (attached to the back of this bag)
  5. Dispose of safely



Received From: Thomas Homer Goetz
Print or Image Color: Orange
Background / Bag Color: White
A reasonably plain bag that I've wanted for a long time. Nice italics in Liat. Note, Liat is Tail spelled backwards.

Libido Airbag

Approximate Vintage: 1996
Received From: Scott Cunningham
Print or Image Color: Blue
Background / Bag Color: White
This is a rare find I purchased on eBay. From the mid-90s, it's Grindcore Music (whatever that is). The bag is reasonably violent and pornographic. It says

libido airbag
Leif Jones 1996