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Gray Generic Falzen

Received From: Christoph Vogel
Print or Image Color: White
Background / Bag Color: Gray
Christoph found this bag on a cruise, but oh no! I wonder how many of those got printed? The German word for fold, 'falten' is misspelled as 'falzen'. However, I've seen the word 'falzen' on other bags, such as Transat, so just what is proper?

Mystery solved! According to fastidious Swiss bagman Stefan Zingg, While it is true that the "generic" word for "to fold" is "falten", the word "falzen" also exists. It means "to fold" as a bookbinder would do it, carefully, using a paper-knife. So while I myself would write "falten" onto such a bag, "falzen" isn't wrong, depending how carefully you do are intended to fold it."

What's a paper knife? The best I can come up with is from the Frank Zappa song called Flakes. "I'm a moron and this is my wife, she's frosting a cake with a paper knife. All that we got here's American made, it's a little bit cheesy, but it's nicely displayed".

Green Art Bag

Approximate Vintage: 2006
Received From: Reiner Schulz
Background / Bag Color: Green
This bag is part of an art project by Kunstverein Erlangen (KVE) in Germany and one of a limited edition set of 20 like it in the world. Part 1 of the project was to paint the 20 bags (mine is originally an Air France bag), part 2 was to distribute the bags evenly around the world. I can't quite grasp the whole concept of this project, but I got a C in Art in grade school.

Green Plastic Generic

Received From: Kelley Heide
Background / Bag Color: Green
Kelley found this beauty on trip to Bora Bora for her honeymoon, but was too drunk to remember exactly what puddle jumper she found this on.

David Shomper sent me a similar bag and claims he got it on a Frontier flight.

Greenlandair Inc.

Approximate Vintage: 2000
Received From: Bruce Kelly
Print or Image Color: White
Background / Bag Color: Red and White
Fancy and tasteful.

Greenpeace S.473

Approximate Vintage: 2011
Received From: Will Vickery
Background / Bag Color: Navy
This is a great bag protesting Senate Bill 473 (Continuing Chemical Facilities Antiterrorism Security Act of 2011).

The text on the back explains the opposition to this legislation:

If this legislation nauseates you, just imagine you are within a few miles of a chlorine gas release. According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, "Inhalation of higher concentrations of chlorine gas (> 15 ppm) can rapidly lead to respiratory distress with airway constriction and accumulation of fluid in the lungs (pulmonary edema). Patients may have immediate onset of rapid breathing, blue discoloration of the skin, wheezing... In symptomatic patients, pulmonary injury may progress over several hours. Unfortunately, S.473 will do nothing to prevent a terrorist or accidental release of chlorine gas.

This item came with the bumper sticker you see pictured here.


Approximate Vintage: 2002
Received From: Matt Lewis-Adams
Print or Image Color: Green, White
Background / Bag Color: White, Green
This "Exam Discomfort" bag hails from the Educational division of The Guardian, a newspaper in the United Kingdom. The bag says, "How To Not Use This Bag: Follow these simple instructions to beat exam nerves with edutionguardian.co.uk/clearing2002".

The instructions go on to chide you to:

  • Visit educationguardian.co.uk/clearing2002
  • Sign up for our unique clearing email service
  • relax in the knowledge that you will be equipped however your exams go
  • Dispose of this bag because you won't need it

All in all a winner bag and an odd advertising vehicle.

Gulf Air

Received From: Richard David Glueck
Print or Image Color: Brown
Background / Bag Color: Tan
The Arabic vowels look a little like they belong to the English below as Umlauts.

Gulf Air

Approximate Vintage: 1995
Received From: Jos Groen

Gulf Air

Approximate Vintage: 2000
Received From: Graham Curran
Print or Image Color: Gray
Background / Bag Color: Peach
The text under the logo shows the letters LF doing a double dipsy jump rope. Even the Arabic has the has the jump rope. And on Side 1, it looks like whoever printed the Arabic at the bottom lost 2 points for misspelling something.

Gulf Air

Approximate Vintage: 2001
Received From: Brian Stevens
Print or Image Color: White
Background / Bag Color: Blue
Very similar to the 1995 offering but if you look closely, the eagle is now smaller and off to the side of the text, not partially over it as it previously was. Plus, the color on the bag is a little different than the previous bag.

Gulf Air

Received From: Peter Brown
Print or Image Color: Brown
Background / Bag Color: Tan
The Arabic vowels look a little like they belong to the English below as Umlauts. This is identical to the other similar bag but instead of ELAG on the bottom, this one was manufactured by Cafrico.

Gurtner AG

Received From: Christoph Vogel
Ostensibly a multi-use bag, this is good not only for airplanes, busses, and boats, but also hot air balloons! The only hot air balloon sickness bag that I know of. I tried to translate the German on the bottom left, but Babelfish gave non-sensical results.

Lucky for us, Holger Türk to the rescue. Holger translates this text as: "After use, close the bag by folding the top twice. Put the bag on the floor." adding "The text on the IGP's bag, which is really a very nice one, is the same."


Approximate Vintage: 2016
Received From: Brian Lonano
Print or Image Color: Black
Background / Bag Color: White
A simple but excellent bag from the movie Gwilliam. These bags were handed out at the SXSW showing of the film.