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Bush Bag

Approximate Vintage: 2007
Received From: Bruce Kelly
Print or Image Color: Green
Background / Bag Color: Tan
Bush (presumably George W) now has a 2nd bag that touts how nauseating he is. From the fine people of KrappyProducts.com.

Buta Airways

Approximate Vintage: 2019
Received From: Vladimir Tregub
Print or Image Color: Blue, Orange
Background / Bag Color: White
This Azerbaijan carrier commenced operations in 2019 with a mono-color peacock logo.


Approximate Vintage: 2000
Received From: Mark Brace
Print or Image Color: Orange
Background / Bag Color: Purple
This is a rather striking bag, beautiful in its simplicity, bold in its design.


Approximate Vintage: 2001
Received From: Steve Jones
Print or Image Color: Purple
Background / Bag Color: White
Another rather striking bag from Buzz, beautiful in its simplicity, bold in its design, Trademarked in legality.