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Funfair Fairground: Thrill Laboratory

Approximate Vintage: 2006
Received From: Brendan Walker
Print or Image Color: Black and Red
Background / Bag Color: White
At the end of 2006, Brendan Walker curated a Thrill Laboratory at the London Museum of Science. The lab / exhibit / fairground included "Live fairground rides and rider experimentation, DJs, telemetry, film, performance, and food & drink; with debates led by an international team of artists and scientists exploring three different aspects of thrill."

The bag itself is as beautiful as it is complex and functional, not only for use as a barf bag, but also as a release form. The bag asks you to sign a liability waiver and you have to answer a battery of 14 questions.

  1. Are you aged under 18 or over 69?
  2. Has your doctor ever said you have a heart condition and/or should only participate in medically supervised physical activity?
  3. Do you ever feel pain in your chest during physical activity?
  4. Have you experienced chest pains when not doing physical activity?
  5. Do you suffer with palpitations?
  6. Do you experience dizziness or fainting?
  7. Have you ever been told you have high blood pressure or are you taking medication for blood pressure or any other heart condition?
  8. Doyou have any existing bone or joint problem that could be made worse by physical activity?
  9. Do you experience shortnessof breath during only mild exertion?
  10. Do you suffer from either Asthma or Diabetes Mellitus?
  11. Are you currently taking any prescribed medication of which we need to be made aware? Please state if yes.
  12. Are you pregnant or have you given birth in the last 6 weeks?
  13. Have you recently undergone surgery or are you carrying any injury?
  14. Are you aware of any other reason why you should not participate in physical exercise without medical supervision? Please state if yes.

More info about this bag.

Fur Alle Falle

Received From: Burkhard Walther
Print or Image Color: White and Blue
Background / Bag Color: Red, White, and Blue
Pretty cool wavy designs reminiscent of the contours of the sea floor dominate this bag, which is almost completely in German. The bag is manufactured by Vogel-Druck, which I think means Bird-Printer or Bird-Pressure.

Fur Alle Falle Green

Received From: Fredy Thürig
Print or Image Color: Green
Background / Bag Color: White
German plastics experts for some reason call Low Density Polyethelene (#4 plastic) PE-LD instead of LDPE. I like this bag because bullet points are on both sides of each detail item.


Received From: Paul Mundy
Print or Image Color: Red
Background / Bag Color: White
According to this bag, the future is Nukes. Maybe an atomic logo was futuristic in 1968, but now it just looks silly.


Approximate Vintage: 2003
Received From: Lee Lombardi
Print or Image Color: Blue and Gray
Background / Bag Color: White
Exceedingly plain bag that tries to keep part of the former atomic logo as its legacy. The bag design still doesn't seem to portend the future.


Approximate Vintage: 2006
Received From: Matthias Koch
Print or Image Color: Teal, Brown
Background / Bag Color: White
Futura still uses the nuclear logo, as if their flights are powered by enriched uranium.


Approximate Vintage: 2007
Received From: Thorsten Hecht
Print or Image Color: Blue
Background / Bag Color: White
Very similar to the 2003 Futura, but they cashed in the small italic text for blocky capital text.

Fuzhou Airlines

Approximate Vintage: 2015
Received From: Gerd Clemens
Print or Image Color: Red, White
Background / Bag Color: Red, White
I like the "Engrish" on the back of the bag that says "Cherish rarth's resources from you and me"

Garbage Pail Kids Upchuck

Approximate Vintage: 2015
Received From: Nick Bublitz
Background / Bag Color: White Plastic
30 years ago, a set of cards called "Garbage Pail Kids" was released in order to lampoon the popular-at-the-time Cabbage Patch Kids. In 2015 Topps decided to re-release 10 of these cards on barf bags. Upchuck is number 1 in a series of 10.

Garcia De Pou

Approximate Vintage: 2002
Received From: Christian Annyas
Print or Image Color: Green
Background / Bag Color: Green and White
This bag's wonderful design is part of a maelstrom of controversy. The "I'm empty and sad / I'm full and happy" cartoon design is used by Corsica Ferries and others. The design is ubiquitous enough to be a generic, but I believe that the desing has been stolen and proliferated among various transportation agencies. If you have information or the entire story, please let me know so I can edify the public.


Received From: Dean Eckert
Print or Image Color: Brown and Orange
Background / Bag Color: White
This bag looks like a poorly tiled linoleum floor. The back of the bag says, "IN GEVAL VAN LUCHTZIEKTE", which I think is Danish for "In God We Trust". Either that, or it's the name of an exotic dancer, as verified by the text, "strip sluiten".

One other note. The front of the bag has the words, "Customer Service" on the bottom right, which sounds out of place, especially when throwing up.

Vomiting expert Bart O'Brien to the rescue! He says "IN GEVAL VAN LUCHTZIEKTE" is Dutch for 'In case of air sickness'. "strip sluiten" means 'seal the top’. KLM used to do a lot of support for Garuda behind the scenes. So thanks for clearing that up!


Received From: Robert Masumura
Print or Image Color: Red, Orange
Background / Bag Color: Clear
Garuda's design innovation allows sick passengers to see vomit in new see-through bag!


Received From: Thomas Blickle
Background / Bag Color: Red and White
Very Old-Lufthansa-esque.  Well marked on bottom. Says ACS in the fold


Received From: Robert Masumura
Print or Image Color: Blue
Background / Bag Color: Blue and White
Of the blue downsized Garuda bags, this is the design that got it right. Big logo on the front, instructions on the back. Simple and elegant. Too bad they kept tinkering with it.


Approximate Vintage: 1995
Received From: Ben Guttery
Print or Image Color: Blue
Background / Bag Color: Blue and White
This is probably the smallest bag in the museum. Someone like Ted Kennedy could probably use 8 or 9 of these at a time.


Approximate Vintage: 1998
Received From: Mike Roselle
Print or Image Color: White and Teal
Background / Bag Color: White and Teal
An almost exact amalgamation of the 1995 and 2000 versions.


Approximate Vintage: 2000
Received From: Rick Barry
Print or Image Color: White and Aqua
Background / Bag Color: White and Aqua
The bag got bigger! Rick says, "If you speak both English and Indonesian, you have a lot of folding to do" (See Side B). Rick also notes the error "Tear of Here".


Approximate Vintage: 2012
Received From: Wolfgang Lüthje
Print or Image Color: White
Background / Bag Color: Blue
Garuda brings its back into the new millennium by adding Spirograph detailing.


Received From: Peter Brown
Background / Bag Color: Red and White
Very Old-Lufthansa-esque. Well marked on bottom. Identical to the other Garuda Red bag except inside the fold, it not only says ACS, but also 8 more lines of company contact info.


Received From: Andrew Angel
Print or Image Color: Orange
Background / Bag Color: White
Great old bag from Indonesia. Instead of Beg Mabuk Udara, this says Untuk Mabuk Udara. If I had even less of a life than I do, I'd compare the translations. Maybe you can do it for me?