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Received From: Jo Boyd
Print or Image Color: White and Blue
Background / Bag Color: Blue and White
Ah yes, the cool "Om? / If?" bag from the 1980's. Worth a look.


Approximate Vintage: 1999
Received From: Graham Curran
Print or Image Color: White and Green
Background / Bag Color: Green and White
Wow, the bag has only 2 letters on each side. Om? and If? This is totally non-sensical. They could have printed Ug? and Yo? and it would have made the same sense. In fact, why didn't they just print question marks?

Flash: Norwegian bag fan K. Staveland says that it "... is absolutely not non-sensical!!!!! 'Om' is Norwegian for 'If', quite logically! So one side reads om? while the other reads If? In case you should need it, so to speak."


Approximate Vintage: 2003
Received From: Kjell Eriksmoen
Print or Image Color: White, Navy, Teal
Background / Bag Color: Teal, Navy, White
A great follow-up bag with the Wideroe sense of humor. It says "god bedring! (get well soon)" on one side and "Uffda... (oops...)" on the other. Unfortunately, the bag has no obvious closing mechanism nor a flat bottom, so spillage is almost assured.


Approximate Vintage: 2005
Received From: Jan Tomasek
Print or Image Color: Navy and Orange
Background / Bag Color: White
Wind Jet discovers colors, design, and the Internet. Fortuitous spacing prevents passengers from misconstruing Wind Jet as Win D Jet.

Wings Air

Approximate Vintage: 2005
Received From: Gilles Beger
Print or Image Color: White
Background / Bag Color: Red and White
Is flying cheap? Not according to Wings Air, however they do explain that "Fly is Cheap". Excellent Indonesian (?) offering.

Wizz Air

Approximate Vintage: 2016
Received From: Martin Stepanek
Print or Image Color: Black
Background / Bag Color: White
Simple and elegant bag. However, I have no idea why the 'i' in the logo is upside down. If you turn the bag upside down it says "ZZIM"

WK Thomas (WKT, TUK, Transport UK, Euro Flite)

Received From: Wolfgang Franken
Print or Image Color: Blue
Background / Bag Color: White
An interesting bag, not only because the nonsensical writing appears obfuscated, but because there are many theories about its origin. Bruce Kelly says he contacted the bag manufacturer, who told him it was a generic. Homer Goetz says it's from a British Bag manufacturer WK Thomas (WKT). Rainer Schwartz says it's from Transport UK (TUK). Walter Brinker says he found it on an Air Tanzania flight.


Approximate Vintage: 2002
Received From: John Ryan
Print or Image Color: Blue
Background / Bag Color: White
Finally, an airline that has abandoned generic for a printed version, although this particular version is oddly reminiscent of 70s TWA bags, minus the sad pooch and Gin Rummy scorecard.

World's Worst Records

Received From: Alex Swingle
Print or Image Color: Red
Background / Bag Color: White
This bag originally came with a Dr. Demento Album from Rhino Records entitled, "World's Worst Record". The record is kind of rare, so it would cost a lot to buy one. Luckily, Alex was willing to disentangle the bag from the record for $5.

Worldways Canada

Received From: Bruce Kelly
Print or Image Color: White
Background / Bag Color: Blue
6 randomly placed Earths complete with latitude and longitude lines, each covered by an imprinted W logo cover this bag. How did they decide where to place them? Rounded capitalized font is pretty cool.


Approximate Vintage: 2015
Received From: Ann Friday
Print or Image Color: White, Yellow
Background / Bag Color: Purple
What a great Icelandic bag! The first I've ever seen with a Hashtag. It even has a thermometer-like "Vomit-Meter" and says

Our competition's prices
Icelandic pronunciation
Obscene clouds
Monotonous ocean-view
The cologne in the next isle
The pilot's jokes
Inflight panflute music



Wrong Turn

Approximate Vintage: 2003
Received From: Erika Lee Dignam
Print or Image Color: Black
Background / Bag Color: White
This bag was distributed at a pre-screening for the movie Wrong Turn, a 2003 "horror thriller". The bag parades out the usual tired warning. "Any persons with problems, high blood pressure, pace-makers and nervous conditions should not see this film. Risk of serious injury or health problems may occur. The Management is not responsible for any problems that may occur."

Wushan Travel

Received From: Christian Annyas
Print or Image Color: Green
Background / Bag Color: White
Although I can't really tell what venue these are used in (besides China) I really like the postmark-type wavy lines at the top. Rounded font on main Chinese characters.

Transportation Stud, Y.L. Tan says, it's a sea-sickness bag, since the horizontal string of words under the three rounded-Chinese-characters ("Clean Bag") reads "Wushan County Little Three Gorges Tourism Boat Limited (Group) Company". Hence the wavy lines at the top.