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Received From: Bruce Kelly
Print or Image Color: Navy, White
Background / Bag Color: White, Navy
While the container this bag comes in has an interesting design, the bag itself (click on Bottom) is a wonder. You can actually measure the approximate volume of your spew. I know how important this is to people who live a metric-lined hell. Have a contest with friends! It's fun!


Approximate Vintage: 2005
Received From: Artur Garriga
Print or Image Color: Red
Background / Bag Color: White
As far as I can tell, this CHEMO BUNKER is specifically for people undergoing Chemotherapy. Nice Klingon Warship logo. Also, I have no idea what KRZ means.


Approximate Vintage: 2004
Received From: Wendy Tremayne
Print or Image Color: Red, Black
Background / Bag Color: White
On August 17, 2004, Wendy Tremayne, a New York City artist/activist held an event called The Vomitorium. This event was staged to create awareness about the excesses of American Society. And of course overindulgence in food leads to vomiting, for which these bags were designed. Kudos to you, Wendy.

Voter's Vomit Valet

Approximate Vintage: 2008
Received From: Bruce Kelly
Print or Image Color: Blue, Green, Red
Background / Bag Color: White, Brown
This bag is intended for the US Presidential Election of 2008. It says "Recommended for Sufferers of Mild to Severe Candidate Antipathy. DON'T VOTE WITHOUT IT!"

Voting Booth Vomit Bag

Approximate Vintage: 2016
Received From: Bruce Kelly
Print or Image Color: Black, Green, Red, Blue
Background / Bag Color: White
I got this bag on eBay but neglected to ask if it was just a crappy sticker on a Southwest Bag (it is). Still, it's an interesting political statement. The bag says "When you can't believe what you just did ... Voting Booth Vomit Bag"


Approximate Vintage: 2007
Received From: Cedrick Gauthier-Lacognata
Print or Image Color: Yellow and Gray
Background / Bag Color: White
Just a bunch of dots adorn this bag, as though the contents of the bag have leaked through slightly.


Approximate Vintage: 2013
Received From: Rainer Schwartz
Print or Image Color: Black, Yellow
Background / Bag Color: White
This Spanish carrier printed the words upside down the bag so if you turn the full sack around to read it, you get dirty. My friend Ken points out that the bag should warn the person next to you to "Keep Calm & DON'T Breathe"


Approximate Vintage: 2013
Received From: Federico Mandrile
Print or Image Color: Black, Yellow
Background / Bag Color: White
Exactly like the other 2013 Vueling except the words are printed right side up, not upside down.


Approximate Vintage: 2016
Received From: Maria Dolores Prieto
Print or Image Color: Yellow, Black
Background / Bag Color: White
It's an old fashioned game of find the matching items to help you bide your time away! This bag says "Use me if you feel sick", "Si Te marlas usame", "Se ti viene il mal d'aria usami".

"Or try to find the matching pairs", "Y si no, pudees jugar a encontrar las pareias", "se no puoi giocare a trovare le coppie"

Yes, the bag is printed upside down.