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Evil Dead II

Approximate Vintage: 2004
Received From: Harry Jenkins
Print or Image Color: Red
Background / Bag Color: Tan
I'm not exactly sure why this Evil Dead II bag mentions the date 9-18-04, especially since the movie came out in 1987, but the bag is wicked awesome nonetheless.

Evil Ernie Revenge #1

Approximate Vintage: 1996
Received From: Joe Hylva
Print or Image Color: Black and White
Background / Bag Color: Reflective Green and White
Although the brilliant shiny green doesn't come through on the scan, this is a beautifully designed bag (or at least sticker on a bag). This bag is the Certificate of Authenticity for a limited run of 4,000 Evil Ernie #1 Comic Books. The text says, "This is to certify that this signed, limited commemorative of EVIL ERNIE: REVENGE #1 is authentic!"


Received From: Aidan Stradlinkg
Print or Image Color: Gray, Maroon, Black
Background / Bag Color: White
Although most logo designs try to incorporate the company name into an abstract drawing of an aircraft, defunct Excalibur does its best to resemble an abstract fountain pen.

Excel Airways

Received From: Thomas Lengeling
Print or Image Color: Blue
Background / Bag Color: White
This airline is so up to date, they refer to it as excelairways.com. Despite its name, it is not the official airline of Microsoft. The only way it will calculate anything is if you use it as a scratch pad.

Executive Air

Received From: Kim Decker
Print or Image Color: Black
Background / Bag Color: Brown
Pinstripe bag for executives, I guess. Has a large bird on it. According to Wikipedia, the airline was started in Puerto Rico in 1979.


Approximate Vintage: 2008
Received From: Agatha Tauber
Print or Image Color: White
Background / Bag Color: Gray
Unremarkable bag except that in an era of generic US bags, at least Expressjet gives us something non-generic.

eznis airways

Approximate Vintage: 2014
Received From: Toshiaki Anan
Print or Image Color: Orange, Gray
Background / Bag Color: White
I don't much care for the lower case writing, but the orange daisy-like flower is a nice touch.

Given that eznis only has 2 planes in its fleet, this is a nice rare bag to have.