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Thomas Cook Airlines

Approximate Vintage: 2015
Received From: Gerd Clemens
Print or Image Color: Yellow
Background / Bag Color: White
Thomas Cook pulls at the heartstrings by adding a heart to the front of the bag.

Three Kings Cargo

Approximate Vintage: 2010
Received From: Thorsten Hecht
Background / Bag Color: White
This is a bag that was sent out as a Christmas card to many collectors from Thorsten Hecht, Gerhard Lang and Gerd Clemens. Wasn't that nice of them?

Thu (Thai) Airways

Approximate Vintage: 1990
Received From: Jos Groen
Print or Image Color: Magenta and Gold
Background / Bag Color: Magenta and White
In Thai with magenta color and closing tab

Thu (Thai) Airways

Approximate Vintage: 1992
Received From: Christopher Wren
Print or Image Color: Magenta and Gold
Background / Bag Color: Purple and White
In Thai with purple color and closing strip

Tianjin Airlines (HNA)

Approximate Vintage: 2009
Received From: Marcus Johns
Print or Image Color: Red, Gray
Background / Bag Color: Orange, White
Much like Malaysian Airlines, a cool doily graces this bag. Plus, a bonus imp character that conveys the message of quality is tramping around on the bag.

Tibet Airlines

Approximate Vintage: 2013
Received From: Xusheng Chen
Print or Image Color: Gold
Background / Bag Color: White
Pretty nice bag from a country that doesn't actually exist anymore, even though the airline does.

Tiger Air

Approximate Vintage: 2017
Received From: Seah Yi Le
Print or Image Color: Orange, Black, White
Background / Bag Color: White, Orange
Cool bag from Singapore but no sign of a tiger anywhere on this Cleanliness Bag

Tiger Air

Approximate Vintage: 2016
Received From: Martin Stepanek
Print or Image Color: Orange
Background / Bag Color: White
The bag says tigerair in small letters, that's it.

Tikal Jets Airlines

Approximate Vintage: 2003
Received From: Kevin Matson
Print or Image Color: Blue and Gold
Background / Bag Color: Yellow
There's a bright sun shining, but it's behind a huge thunderhead. Kevin says that Tika Jets fly from Guatemala City to Fores, the gateway to Tikal National Park, home of the ruined Mayan city. The bag is strongly reminiscent of the generic Sic-Sac. Reverse of bag show possibly the worst illustrations known to air travelers, however I give them high points for giving good suggestions to the travel sick, such as 'Concentrate on Objets at a Distance' (whatever objets are).


Received From: Zio Guido Debenedetti
Print or Image Color: Blue
Background / Bag Color: Manilla
Incredibly enormous bag, so big that it wouldn't even fit on the scanner. In fact, I had to ask Guido if it's really used for throwing up, to which he replied "Yes, it is. You know italians eat a lot of spaghetti..."

Tomb of the Blind Dead

Received From: J. Hawkins
Print or Image Color: Red
Background / Bag Color: White
In an ironic twist, "Tomb of the Blind Dead" co-opts a Mark of the Devil bag and promotes itself by putting a sticker of its movie's logo over the existing one. Tres sleazy. (I'm not really sure why this is ironic) Another eBay purchase. By the way, I'm not sure how this would be scarier than the Tomb of the Sighted Dead. An anonymous internet tipster says, ""Tomb of the Blind Dead" was the USA title for a Spanish production: "La Noche del terror ciego". These were both released around 1970/ 1971 by Hallmark Releasing. I suspect that's why the recycled bag from 'Mark' for 'Tomb' (same releasing outfit). Further, if you're really interested you can get copies of either of these stinkers from an outfit called 'Anchor Bay Entertainment'."

Tony Blair Sick Bag

Approximate Vintage: 2007
Received From: David Webb
Background / Bag Color: Brown
This bag comes from the most tabloid paper I've ever seen, The Daily Star of London -- your official Big Brother newspaper. Anyway, the bag was printed inside the tabloid and became somewhat of a crafts project to put it together. What you see here is the result.

This beauty cost me $9 on eBay.

Toronto Ambulance

Received From: Mat Ewaskiw
Print or Image Color: Black
Background / Bag Color: White
Although this is quite a generic looking bag, Mat says, "This is the type used in all metro Toronto Ambulances" I've never seen it elsewhere either.


Received From: Matthias Koch
Print or Image Color: Blue
Background / Bag Color: White
The first thing I notice is that the 'o' in Total looks somewhat like a cats-eye boulder, if you're predisposed to comparing things to marbles. Also, in the lower right corner, you can see this bag is composed of High Density Polyethelene (HDPE) or as the bag says, Poliembalagens, which sounds vaguely like one of the Little Rascals saying Polyethelene.

Toyota Scion

Approximate Vintage: 2007
Print or Image Color: Red
Background / Bag Color: White
Very interesting bag hyping the new (at the time) Toyota Scion. Seems to be a rare bag as the only place I could find one was by buying a back issue of the gay magazine Instinct. Anyway, it seems like an odd way to sell a car, but one side of the bag says Barf Bag: This baghas been provided in case of vomiting due to the repulsive new design of the 2008 xB.

    Instructions for use:
  1. Look at the new xB.
  2. Wait for chills, queasiness and gag reflexes to kick in.
  3. Hold bag up to mouth and blow chunkage.

On the reverse:

    Instructions for use:
  1. Look at the new xB.
  2. Wait for dizziness, rapid breathing and slurred speech to strike.
  3. Hold bag up to mouth and suck air like a human vacuum cleaner.

Traces of Death

Received From: Mike Baronas
Print or Image Color: Red
Background / Bag Color: White
Yet another horror flick goes barf bag. Same color scheme as all the others. For whatever reason, the bottom says Snowhite. Another eBay purchase.


Received From: Mike Roselle
Print or Image Color: Blue and Green
Background / Bag Color: White
This bag is a pure and blatant ripoff of Silk Air (or vice-versa)!

According to Airline Historian, Y.L. Tan, Tradewinds became Silk Air in 1992. Thus the similarity in bags.

Trans Brasil

Approximate Vintage: 1984
Print or Image Color: Green
Background / Bag Color: White Plastic

Trans Brasil

Received From: Denir Camargo
Print or Image Color: Green
Background / Bag Color: White Plastic
Identical to 1984 bag, except the manufacturer was changed to Poliem.

Trans Brasil

Approximate Vintage: 1998
Received From: Ken Costilow
Print or Image Color: Light Blue
Background / Bag Color: White Plastic
The thing I love about this bag is that the instructions tell you to "pull strings to close", yet ironically, there are no strings on this bag, only a twist tie!